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Check out WIT's Independent Theatre Companies

and then follow to their homepages

Theatre by the River

Theatre by the River

Theatre to get you talking

Echo Theatre 2017- _Postcolonial Postcar

Echo Theatre

Immersive, Site-Specific Theatre

Winnipeg Studio Theatre, _Hersteria_ 201

Winnipeg Studio Theatre

Creative, Contemporary, Cutting Edge Theatre in an Intimate Setting

Humber Spenser.jpeg

Green Kids Inc.

Theatre for the planet


Dry Cold Productions

Where Music Meets Theatre

Whiskey Lumps.jpg

The Talentless Lumps

Lovely Lady Clowns - Making the dark and dirty digestible. 


Theatre Incarnate

Telling fascinating stories

Walk & Talk Theatre 2019, _The Headliner

Walk and Talk Theatre

Multidisciplinary Theatre

Circus of Objects

The Circus of Objects

Home of the DADA DUMB. Something visible, something invisible.


Beau Theatre Co

Indie, Un-Conventional Theatre

_Good Kids_ Meraki 2020.JPG

Meraki Theatre Production

Meaningful theatre experiences that create change and nurture compassion

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